Sexism is always a great topic to bring up at bars when you’re trying to seduce guys. They may act like they’re turned off by your brash opinions on feminism, who’s the latest chauvinist in Hollywood, or how it’s obviously OK for the woman to make the first move, but deep down guys love being put in their place and made to feel emasculated.

Speaking deep from the bowels of a sarcasm cavern, I am of course not serious. But in lots of ways, we as women get a double standard. It’s apparently acceptable for men to talk about “slaying bitches” and “tapping that” at a bar in front of other women, but the minute a woman tries some of the same moves, she’s titled crazy. Yes, I’m on my soapbox. Or box of tampons, as some of the aforementioned gentlemen may like to call it.

In my younger years, I of course subscribed to the latest feminist magazines, wore inflammatory shirts to public places, even participated in several protests. I won’t say any of my enthusiasm for women’s rights has died down, I am just a little more reigned in, so to speak. Being so out in the open and aggressive on issues tends to turn people off, I’ve found. A professor of mine once told me “People can scream and scream until the end of the day, but the only thing you’ll get is a hoarse voice and no one listening anymore”. Kind of made me realize it was time to approach things a little differently.

I think the best way for a female to prove she’s independent is head to a car repair shop and know what she’s talking about. Let’s face it, those places are all running on testosterone only. Certainly not neurons. So when a female walks in and asks for exactly what she wants, and knows comparable prices, she takes back the global assumption that anything running on gasoline is out of her realm of comprehension. I’ve been over a barrel a few times in some of those places, and not in a good way. Some dufus would tell me that in order for my car to continue running, I have to give him six grand and leave my car there for 10 days. What the hell?!? I have a feeling that is and has never been true, not ever. So I always used to posit the question “Will my car burst into flames if I don’t get this done?”. I’ve had some mechanics say yes. Ergo I am a great deal poorer at the hands of many of these crooks.

In short, I encourage any female to head into a mechanic’s shop with knowledge, and make sure it’s put to use.  Not because I’m a raging feminist, but because we women are smarter than men and it’s time we used our stealth tactics to avenge any wrong-doing at the hands of a man ever. To anyone. Call me loca, but I think that is just reality, not insanity.